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The Pathfinder Difference

Pathfinder Solutions began as a partnership of experienced and successful software development practitioners and has been a pioneer in architecturally focused model-based and test-driven development for over a decade. Pathfinder Solutions brings an integrated set of proven technologies for building effective, long lived and flexible architectures for complex, high performance, embedded, and real-time systems. Pathfinder Solutions offers an array of hands-on, pragmatic courses and the guidance of deeply experienced architects, helping systems engineers and software developers successfully learn, deploy and master highly effective development techniques.

Why partner with Pathfinder Solutions? The development of complex systems is challenging. Selecting and properly adopting an appropriate process requires experience and perspective. In addition, finding and applying suitable technology can be risky. By selecting our unique blend of experience and technology, you build the surest path to success with Pathfinder Solutions.

With over a decade of singular technical focus on model transformation for high performance embedded systems, Pathfinder’s success derives from a strong focus on client success combined with a service and tools product mix. Pathfinder’s more well-known clients include Abbott LaboratoriesBattelle Memorial InstituteBoeingE. F. JohnsonEricssonGeneral Motors, GTE, Invensys/Foxboro, Lockheed/Martin, Nortel, Polaroid, Raytheon, and Textron Systems.


Our proven software development training courses help systems engineers and software developers effectively learn, apply and master challenging model-based and test-driven development techniques for complex, high performance, embedded and real-time systems.

Our lead consultants have been applying model-based transformation for developing and deploying high performance systems for over a decade, building the highest level of expertise found anywhere. We guide your project and provide expertise transfer, complimenting your team rather than displacing them.

We are the industry leaders in Model-Driven Development and Test-Driven Development for high performance systems. We lead technology standards development, are renowned industry thought leaders, and regularly speak at key conferences and standards development sessions.


Introduced in 1995, PathMATE is a proven and complete environment. Since then, our PathMATE product has continuously succeeded in developing and deploying dozens of complex, high-performance systems.

PathMATE core technology is completely open and entirely based on open industry standards.

PathMATE is explicitly designed for customizability.

Facilitated by high speed transformation, PathMATE fosters a rapid iterative development process.


Pathfinder Solutions maintains a service-oriented focus, offering expert training and mentoring services for the adoption of model-based development and test-driven methodologies to transform models to high-performance optimized code.

We specialize in complex, high performance, and real-time embedded systems.

Our sustained pursuit of success and refinement extends the horizon of model-based development and testing techniques and technology.

Let Us Be Your Beacon. Contact us to give your team the competitive edge with Pathfinder Solutions’ expert training and mentoring services.