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December 13, 2012

Sparx Systems Releases Enterprise Architect 10

Pathfinder Solutions is pleased to announce that Sparx Systems, a longtime partner, just released Enterprise Architect 10. This highly anticipated new release keeps Enterprise Architect at the forefront of the market for UML modeling and design tools.

According to Sparx Systems, Enterprise Architect 10 provides new tools for user interface simulation and impact analysis along with improved model documentation and enhanced project management. These new tools and technologies include SysML 1.3, GML, Document Fragments and Profile Helpers for extending UML. Sparx Systems has highlighted the following features:

  • » User Interface: Significant enhancements help improve productivity and workflow
  • » Diagramming: Enhanced Insert Related Elements capability improves Impact Analysis and other new features provide superior visualization and traceability
  • » Simulation: Model and simulate Win 32 User Interfaces to enhance system interaction and usability
  • » Execution Analysis & Profiling: Numerous enhancements to Code Engineering improve the development experience and facilitate reverse engineering of custom languages
  • » Project Management: The  enhanced Gantt View provides a high level overview of all tasks
  • » Reporting & Documentation: New Document Fragments help you to easily create professional Rich-Text Format reports

For more information, you can preview Enterprise Architect 10 on

October 16, 2012

Pathfinder Solutions’ Customer Project JLENS Successful in Joint U.S. Army and Navy Test

Joint Land Attack Cruise Missile Defense Elevated Netted Sensor System - JLENS Raytheon

Late last month at the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico, Raytheon’s Joint Land Attack Cruise Missile Defense Elevated Netted Sensor (JLENS) System demonstrated its ability to successfully integrate with U.S. Navy defensive systems to protect ships by defeating anti-ship cruise missiles. This test marked the first time the two systems worked together to engage a target by sharing information over the Raytheon Cooperative Engagement Capability network.

The Raytheon IDS JLENS team has been using Pathfinder Solutions’ training, mentoring and PathMATE code generation technology since 2007.

JLENS is a surveillance capability that provides continuous detection and fire control data from an airborne platform on Army, Navy and joint networks. This system extends the amount of time aerial sensors can remain on station for weeks and provides a sensor range of over 300 miles while requiring less manpower and other resources than existing systems. The JLENS radar system detects, tracks and targets a variety of threats, including hostile cruise missiles, low-flying manned and unmanned aircraft, large caliber rockets, boats, SCUD launchers, automobiles and tanks.

“JLENS has demonstrated its ability to integrate with other components of Naval Integrated Fire Control-Counter Air, significantly expanding the force’s cruise missile defense umbrella,” said Dean Barten, the U.S. Army’s JLENS product manager. “Commanders can detect threats shortly after they are launched with JLENS’ 360-degree, long-range surveillance capability, while the JLENS integrated fire-control radar enables commanders to more effectively employ weapons like the Standard Missile 6.”[1]

Pathfinder Solutions is proud to be part of the JLENS team and extends its congratulations to the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy and Raytheon people who brought this system to success.



October 2, 2012

Pathfinder Solutions Announces Public 5-Day Effective MDD Class

Model-Driven Development Training class

Join us at this public class the week of November 5th in Marlboro, MA to learn proven architectural, design and implementation techniques for deploying complex, high-performance systems Model-Driven Development.

The 5-day Effective MDD course teaches time-proven techniques for MDD/UML modeling of high-performance systems, interfacing with non-modeled legacy software and deploying modeled components via transformation to a variety of execution contexts, including simulation and embedded. Synthesizing a coherent methodology, Pathfinder Solutions has tailored each step to fit into an overall process for building complex systems, sequentially building general UML and modeling skills while teaching each integrated phase of the methodology.

Day 1: MDD Introduction & Overview
Day 2: Class Modeling
Day 3: Behavior Modeling
Day 4: Action Specification
Day 5: Testing & Construction

Join us the week of November 5th! You will master Platform-Independent Model-Driven Development in order to boost overall productivity and system quality while cutting time to market and managing complexity. Register online or call us at 888-662-7284 to sign up, and feel free to download our Effective MDD datasheet for more information. We will also answer any questions left in the comments. The class will be held in Marlboro, MA, and payment can be made via purchase order, check, or credit card.

June 20, 2012

Sparx Systems Launches DBMode for Enterprise Architect

DBMode Logo

Have you been waiting patiently for Sparx Systems to launch DBMode? Well, no need to wait any longer because the highly anticipated database modeling extension was finally released this month!

According to the DBMode website, the add-in enables you to use and find domains, view CRUD matrix, and auto-generate MS Excel documents. In addition,  DBMode is fully integrated with Enterprise Architect, allowing you to easily manage existing table objects and their properties so you don’t need to worry about migrating existing models. The impressive Model Check feature makes database modeling more efficient and intuitive in that it effectively reports all errors and inconsistencies in the model. And, if you’ve been having trouble keeping up-to-date with reporting documentation, DBMode automatically extracts your entire Table contents into a well-designed Excel spreadsheet.

For more information on the new DBMode, sign up for a free trial at

January 30, 2012

Impact 2012: The Premier Conference for Business and IT Leadership

On April 29-May 4, 2012, IBM Software will be hosting its annual IMPACT Conference at The Venetian and Palazzo hotels in Las Vegas. If you’ve never been to an IBM conference before, let us assure that this event is one you won’t want to miss! As an attendee you will get the latest insights into future technological trends and modern-day business best practices.

If you feel dry, uninspired, and feel as though you have lost your innovative edge, maybe it’s time to get that all back! If hanging out with other computer/technology geeks in the City of Sin sounds like a good ol’ fun time, make sure to register for IMPACT 2012 before March 2nd to still receive your Early Bird rate!

December 9, 2011

Pathfinder Partner IBM to Acquire DemandTec, Inc.

Today, one of Pathfinder’s most trusted partners, IBM, announced this afternoon that they are in a definitive merger agreement to acquire the cloud-based analytics solutions provider, DemandTec. According to IBM’s official press release, “The acquisition of DemandTec will extend IBM’s Smarter Commerce initiative by adding cloud-based price, promotion and other merchandising and marketing analytics to help companies better define the best price points and product mix based on customer buying trends.”

In recent years, many companies have “struggled to meet the demands” of changing consumer behavior. And, in an era where social media and mobile devices have drastically shifted buying patterns, it is more essential for organizations to successfully track and understand how these patterns will continue to evolve.

“IBM Smarter Commerce is redefining how brands buy, market, sell and service their customers in ways that their customers want,” said Craig Hayman, General Manager of Industry Solutions at IBM. “Bringing science to the art of pricing and promotion is a big part of this strategy, and the combination of DemandTec and IBM will help marketing and sales executives in retail and other industries drive more revenue and increase profitability.”

DemandTec’s cloud-based analytics software enables businesses to spot and analyze an array of customer purchasing scenarios in order to make more accurate marketing decisions to increase value and profitability.

“DemandTec has unprecedented capability to improve customers’ price and promotion tactics on a stand-alone basis and connect retailers and manufacturers for collaborative planning through the cloud,” said Dan Fishback, President and Chief Executive Officer of DemandTec. “IBM Smarter Commerce is the perfect fit for DemandTec. IBM is the only provider of price and promotion offerings within a rich solution set that supports companies’ buy, market, sell and service processes.”

The acquisition is scheduled to close by the first quarter of 2012 and is subject to DemandTec shareholder approval.

December 1, 2011

Press Release: Pathfinder Solution’s Announces Elevated Partnership Level with IBM

Pathfinder Solutions today announced it has achieved certification to become an Authorized seller of IBM Rational software at the elevated level of IBM’s new Software Value Plus initiative.

Pathfinder Solutions delivers expert training and mentoring services for the adoption of proven model based approaches for systems engineering and software development. Pathfinder Solutions PathMATE is the industry’s most open and flexible model automation and transformation environment. It is the only MDD solution that integrates with IBM Rational editing environments and offers real-time and other high performance software developers the control and performance they need to automate and test the production of applications in real-time or constrained environments.