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Making Systems Development Successful

Pathfinder’s Proven Techniques

You build complex, high-performance systems. You must bring them to market faster, with more capability and at higher quality.

NOW IS THE TIME to step forward with an integrated approach using proven techniques and technology:

Agile: The fast-paced schedule of agile development is most successful when incorporated with automated processes that can effectively orchestrate the more technical and mechanical development tasks. At Pathfinder Solutions, we can help teams:

  • » Build and integrate code into their project baseline
  • » Automate unit testing and refactoring
  • » Compress deliverable intervals and slash drive sprints
  • » See a greater release frequency
  • » Manage sprint backlogs
  • » Help improve the continuous system integration or other code centric activities
  • » Better the alignment and communication between key business units, management, customers, and IT
  • » Adopt and facilitate Agile learning
  • » Embrace change during a new project kick-off or Agile transition

Test-Driven DevelopmentTest-Driven Development, or TDD, is an advanced object-oriented programming process widely used within the Agile community.  This approach is unique in that it focuses more on design specification rather than validation and encourages the separation of both business and presentation logic.

Pathfinder Solutions provides an array of test-driven training services with some of the most highly-qualified Agile professionals in the industry. Developers who receive our training will be taught the skills, frameworks, and tools needed to use TDD for real world applications. For more information on how Test Driven Development could be right for you, please download our Effective TDD for Complex Systems datasheet.

Model-Driven Development: The PI-MDD approach of modeling is a solution of components with a focus on the problem space produce models that have greater flexibility and longevity.  Individual product variations around deployment platforms and target topology typically have minimal impact. For more information on how PI-MDD is integrated with PathMATE please download our MDD for Real-Time and Embedded Systems with PathMATE whitepaper.

Pathfinder Solutions will transform your team with:

Pathfinder Solutions Training

Our practical and proven courses help systems engineers and software developers effectively learn, apply and master model-based and test-driven development techniques and technology. Customers can choose between a 1-5 day technical course with an emphasis ranging from the more elementary topics like best practice metrics collection and build sequencing to more advanced topics including class and behavior modeling, action specification, testing, and construction.

Pathfinder Solutions Mentoring

Building complex, high performance systems is a huge challenge. Just because you’ve turned to more agile, MDD and TDD methodologies, doesn’t always mean your project will be a success. The landscape is littered with potential failures- promising projects that started off with the best of intentions, only to be overwhelmed by unanticipated pitfalls, technological limitations, and even human nature. Unfortunately, optimistic enthusiasm and the latest tool don’t drive results on their own. None can substitute extensive experience on real-world projects. So, who then do you turn to?

At Pathfinder Solutions, we offer the highest level of expertise specialized for the adoption of model-based and test-driven development. With over a decade of experience, we help software developers successfully learn, deploy, master and benefit from highly effective model-based development techniques for challenging embedded systems. Not only do we have the experience, we have the leadership, technical skill, and passion to help your team reach the level of innovation it was destined to.

PathMATE, Rhapsody, Rational Software Architect (RSA), Enterprise Architect & Open Source Technology

Manage risk with proven technology to develop your high performance system, and boost productivity with the latest advances. Our UML editor, PathMATE, transforms platform independent models (PIMS) defined in UML to efficient, high-performance code. Supported for embedded C, C++, and Java code generation, PathMATE’s superior Transformation Maps drive PIMS transformation into a range of outputs and documentation. It’s premier spotlight feature verifies and debugs application at the model level design phase, enabling faster development, a reduction in internal testing resources, and improved quality.