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Test-Driven Development for Complex Systems Overview Video

People have been asking, “What is TDD and why should we clap for it?” Here at Pathfinder Solutions we have been working to answer that question, zeroing in on what TDD is and how developers can successfully apply it. Check out our Test-Driven Development Overview Video answering What exactly is TDD?, Why should I adopt TDD? and How do I apply TDD on complex systems?.

Please feel free to contact us after viewing the video. Our whitepaper, “Effective TDD for Complex, Embedded Systems,” is available here, and we would be happy to direct you to additional resources or answer any lingering questions. If you are interested in adopting TDD, we can work together on your project to get you up to speed quickly with TDD. Pathfinder offers both a three-day practitioner level course in TDD, “Effective Embedded Test-Driven Development Training,” and expert TDD mentoring services onsite working directly with your team.