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Advanced MDD Training

Advanced MDD builds upon the core competencies and experience in field-seasoned MDA developers and provides a working knowledge of advanced patterns, techniques and technology. Mastering proven architectural patterns and key PathMATE features while leveraging the power of open, rules-based transformation, students break onto a new plateau of performance for their embedded and real-time systems.

This 3-day course reviews foundation principles of MDD/MDA, outlines the application of key architectural patterns and introduces advanced PathMATE Map features. Advanced MDD’s intensive hands-on approach to delivering essential skills builds expert practitioners. With a pragmatic, holistic approach spanning the whole architecture-to-code spectrum, students bring immediate benefits to their projects the day after class.

Refined Curriculum based on Pragmatic Techniques

The Advanced MDD class delivers expertise in a proven model-driven approach that is an accumulation of decades of industry best practice. Upon completing this course, attendees can immediately architect and lead MDA-based projects.

Course Outline:

  • » Introduction: Challenges – Integration and Domain Leads, How to Solve Tough Problems, and Review of Platform-Independent Modeling
  • » Implementation Basics: Implement Common Design Patterns, Interfacing to Realized Code, and Advanced Realized Types
  • » Advanced Design Features – Memory Pools: Memory Buffer Manager, Pool Specification, Memory Usage Statistics, and Configuration and Use
  • » Advanced Design Features – Dynamic Tasking: Core Multi-Tasking, Task Lifecycles, Bundles, and Configuration and Use
  • » Architectural Patterns – From POSA v2: Wrapper Façade, Interceptor, Reactor, Acceptor-Connector, and Proactor
  • » Customized Document Generation: Custom Rules/Templates and Maps, Diagrams in Custom Word Documents, and User-Specified Automatic Model Checking

Advanced Skills, Pragmatic Techniques: Distilling hard-earned secrets of the trade from Pathfinder’s most experienced field mentors, this class delivers valuable information through immediately applicable and pragmatic approaches to tackle difficult challenges.

Learn the Right Subset of Architectural Patterns: Many texts, classes and articles espouse a bewildering array of architectural, modeling and design patterns. Many are ineffective for MDA modeled systems and many more are simply inappropriate. Advanced MDD brings you five key patterns that you can immediately put to use and bring benefit on your system.

Integrate Models with Hand-Written Code: Ranging from architectural techniques for interfacing with legacy code bases to simple integration of hand-written data structures, Advanced MDD highlights a range of methods for integrating with non-modeled components.

Extensive In-Class Exercises and Example Systems: Class material is reinforced and internalized with an extensive set of in-class exercises, directly executing a sophisticated example system using PathMATE.

In-class exercises inspect and tune actual executable elements of a complex example system. A non-trivial system with a range of components, this example system is sufficiently challenging to illuminate the utility of each advanced design technique but is still simple enough to grasp within the class context.  Available in a range of UML environment as an executable MDA model, the example system is a valuable resource during the class and afterwards.

Prerequisites: This class assumes all attendees have completed the Effective MDD class and reviewed select patterns in Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture, Volume 2 before the start of class. All attendees should have a minimum of 3 months hands on experience with PathMATE.

Substantially Improve Business Results

This class focuses on optimizing modeling efforts to efficiently meet work product consumer needs. In addition to improving system quality and overall productivity, this approach enhances the extent and effectiveness of collaboration between developers.

On-Site Classes Available: Have this training at your location to reduce travel costs and inconvenience.

Maintain Momentum with Pathfinder Systems Expert MDD Mentoring: Advanced MDD students and instructors build a rhythm and momentum. Continue building success with Pathfinder Solutions Expert MDD Mentoring. Our experienced mentors teach and guide your team, directly participating in your team’s architecture, development, integration and deployment efforts.

For more information, please feel free to download our Advanced MDD training datasheet.

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