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Systems Modeling

Architecting, specifying and developing complex, high performance systems presents unprecedented challenges. To manage complexity, deliver quality, improve productivity and maximize the collaboration between systems engineering and development, successful organizations engineer their systems with architecture-focused, model-driven approaches. Giving your systems engineering teams a competitive edge starts with a foundation set of skills in systems modeling built on industry best practice.

With a results-oriented focus, systems engineers can substantially improve the overall system quality and total productivity of their model-based efforts. The basic pillars of SysML – Requirements, Structure, Behavior and Parametrics – help build a concise and effective foundation. The best approaches to System Modeling consistently deliver complete and effective technical results while also delivering substantial gains in business results, focusing on key engineering activities:

  • » Manage Complexity and Boost Communication
  • » Establish a Framework for Requirements and Architecture Engineering
  • » Define and Meet System Mission Performance Requirements

Minimize risk and accelerate the adoption and mastery of Systems Modeling with Pathfinder Solutions’ expertise in field-proven approaches for Model-Based Systems Engineering.

Systems Modeling Training

We help system engineers successfully learn, deploy and master highly effective model-based systems engineering techniques for complex high-performance, embedded and real-time systems.

Fundamentals of Systems Modeling Training

Covering the 3 secrets of Systems Modeling, this 3 or 4 day customizable class delivers modeling foundation skills to get teams started with a pragmatic model-driven approach for engineering complex, high performance systems using the SysML language. The Fundamentals of Systems Modeling training introduces techniques proven to improve productivity, boost system quality, and enhance collaboration in the engineering of complex, high performance systems with multi-disciplinary development and deployment.

Customizable Options Include:

Collaborative Architecture Workshop

This one day workshop for Systems Engineers and senior Software Architects and Developers delivers a set of proven processes, guidelines and tips that help keep Model-Based Systems Engineering efforts on track, effective and efficient. With a focus on process and methodology-level issues, difficult challenges like model completeness, sufficiency, and collaboration with software development are tackled head-on.

This course includes:

  • » Introduction to SysML
  • » Introduction to Platform-Independent MDD
  • » Use Cases
  • » Collaborative Architecture Development

Systems Modeling Mentoring

Continue to build success with Pathfinder Solutions’ expert Systems Modeling mentoring. Our expert Systems Modeling mentoring will help your team architect and specify your high performance system quickly, with quantum gains in productivity and quality. Pathfinder’s expert mentors help systems engineers learn, apply and master effective systems modeling techniques while directly participating in your team’s systems engineering efforts.


Information and Training Courses specifically catered to Systems Engineering:

Visit our Resources page where you can find links to other useful websites for additional information about Model-Based Systems Engineering, SysML and Model-Driven Development.

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