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Effective Embedded TDD Training

Pathfinder’s 3-day Effective Embedded TDD class delivers and builds upon the fundamentals of Test-Driven Development (TDD), refining proven techniques for deploying complex, embedded systems. With these skills your team can learn how to reduce the overall effort and cost of producing high quality systems while also boosting quality.

Rapidly and effectively bring your team up to speed with proven techniques in embedded TDD with Pathfinder Solutions’ Effective Embedded TDD training. Based on decades of industry experience with test-based software engineering and modular architecture, this 3-day course is packed with pragmatic techniques and invaluable insights for architecting and developing complex embedded systems.

The course sequentially builds pragmatic skills for developing complex, embedded systems following a TDD approach optimized for embedded systems. Accommodating Engineers with a range of experience and ability, the Effective Embedded TDD training has been specifically tuned to quickly bring your entire team up to an effective level of aptitude in TDD.

Refined Curriculum Based on Pragmatic Techniques

Building a solid foundation in industry standard TDD and architecture techniques, Pathfinder Solutions has tailored each section of the Effective Embedded TDD class to introduce essential disciplines that fit into a coherent process proven to boost quality and speed time-to-market. With a focus on building simple, high quality elements, this course teaches your team what it needs to know to get your project done successfully and on schedule.

The TDD Methodology: Delivering the core methodology of TDD – “Red-Green-Refactor” – this class builds the essential skills behind the iterative development micro-cycle. Students learn pragmatic techniques harvested from years of practice building complex, embedded systems, including key drivers for testable architecture, unit test drivers, test double construction and open-source test automation.

Other Topics Covered:

  • » xTest Frameworks: Google Test, Mechanical Structure of Test Code, Assertions, and Test Fixtures
  • » Making a Good Test: The Four Key Structural Elements, Effective Test Construction, and Testing Best Practices
  • » Test Doubles: Hardware Independence, Dummies and Stubs, Mocking and Google Mock, Spies, and Advantages of Multiple Platform Testing
  • » TDD for Complex, Embedded Systems: Modular, Testable Architecture, Logical Architecture, and Scenario Modeling
  • » Propagating TDD Success: Cultural Adaptation, Key Disciplines, and Incremental Adoption

Extensive In-Class Exercises: Class material is reinforced and internalized with an extensive set of in-class exercises. The team-based hands-on exercises build actual TDD elements in settings closely matching real world contexts.

Substantially Improve Business Results

This class focuses on optimizing Test-Driven Development efforts to efficiently meet real-world project needs. In addition to improving system quality and overall productivity, this approach boosts system testability at the architectural level and enhances the extent and effectiveness of collaboration between developers.

On-Site Classes Available: Have this training onsite at your location to reduce travel costs and inconvenience.

Maintain Momentum with Pathfinder Effective Embedded TDD Mentoring: Students and instructors develop a rhythm and momentum.  Continue to build success with Pathfinder TDD Mentoring.  Our experienced mentors continue to teach and guide, directly participating in your team’s systems engineering efforts.

For more information, please feel free to download our “Effective TDD for Complex Embedded Systems” white paper as well as our Effective Embedded TDD training datasheet.

Let’s talk about your project goals! Please feel free to contact us to discuss how your team can benefit from Pathfinder Solutions’ TDD training and mentoring services.